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Environment Policy

Over the last twenty years the environment has become a key objective of both economic and social policies and of industrial activities.

PRESSO FONDERIE operates in the conviction that commitment for sustainable development is also an important variable in business management strategy, besides being an ethical value. 
Today, the commitment of industry in environmental management can make it possible to meet two types of inseparable and complementary requirements: on one hand to provide prompt answers to complex market requirements making available to the community increasingly eco-compatible products and services; and on the other to strengthen commitment so that the production activity can be conducted at increasingly higher levels of compatibility with the territory and with environmental safety. 

At PRESSO FONDERIE we consider protection of the Environment, compliance with the pertinent laws on environmental issues, the reduction of pollution generated and the improvement of company environmental performance as pivotal to our business strategy.



Emas regulation and environmental declaration


The EMAS regulation (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) no. 761 of 2001 has the objective of encouraging on a voluntary basis, a rationalisation of management capabilities from the environmental point of view of organisations, based not only on complying with the restrictions imposed by laws, which in any case remains a compulsory obligation, but on the continual improvement of one’s own environmental performance and the creation of a new and trusting relationship with the institutions and with the public, based on the active participation of employees. 

In essence, an organisation that intends to adhere to this Regulation must: 

  • Assess its initial situation through detailed analysis

  • Establish a policy and the targets it intends to pursue

  • Process a programme to achieve these targets

  • Control the progress of the programme 

  • Draw up an environmental declaration that must be made available to the public


The first EMAS registered site in Italy dates back to 1997; now, out of over 5,000,000 Italian companies, the EMAS directory has only 1100 registrations. 100 of them have their headquarters in Tuscany and 15 in the province of Siena alone. By obtaining EMAS registration in May 2006, Presso Fonderie s.r.l. ranks third among the Italian aluminium foundries and is at the top of the regional list. The credibility of the EMAS system is due to the absolutely stringent criteria of all the subjects that operate within the system itself.

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