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PRESSO FONDERIE has a production cycle distributed over 24 hours for the casting department and on an average of 8 daytime hours for the other activities. Die-casting machines, deburring machines, sandblasting machines and purification systems make die-casting a very noisy activity.

Prior to the acoustic zoning carried out by the town council of Colle Val d’Elsa, PRESSO FONDERIE had on two occasions measured the noise emitted to the outside atmosphere and proved to comply with regulation parameters. The subsequent zoning of January 2005 (Colle Val d’Elsa council resolution no. 5 dated 20/01/2005) reviewed the limits and lowered them considerably.

We promptly prepared to meet the new regulation by building a wall of sheet metal panels filled with sound-deadening material near the furnace suction motors and dies of the die-casting department. This wall, designed especially on the basis of the characteristics (frequency and intensity) of the noise to be reduced has made it possible to achieve a reduction below the limits set by the council ruling (65 db by day and 55 db by night).

Photo: Sound-deadening wall

Foto: Barriera fonoassorbente

A further intervention of soundproofing has been the insulation of the terminal part of the existing chimneys emission.

In 2022 and at the beginning of 2023, the changes made to our production process and to our layout take our organization to carry out new phonometric evaluations which highlighted compliance with the noise emission limits both during the day and at night. New real phonometric evaluations will be carried out within the month of September 2023 to confirm the forecast data.


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