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With regard to reducing waste and stepping up separated collection, PRESSO FONDERIE has implemented direct and indirect procedures. We have acted directly setting up an area devoted to the separate collection of iron, paper, furnace dust, plastic and glass.

Indirectly, we have worked on optimising separate collection raising the awareness of all our staff through specific training to keep them better informed. Directly, in various parts of the plant we have placed different skips subdivided according to the type of waste to be contained and we have put notices in the notice boards explaining the rules of behaviour to be followed.

PRESSO FONDERIE has long been very attentive to environmental problems through the implementation of a strategy designed for continual improvement of our environmental performance and compliance with the law on environmental matters. Aluminium, by nature, is a material that has total recycling as a natural process and therefore the possibility, exactly from the point of view of a sustainable use of the resource, of re-use in the production process.
For this reason, PRESSO FONDERIE can easily involve its customers in a process for re-using the aluminium products it has produced.
For this purpose our company lends itself to the recovery of these products c/o our customers at our own expense. We currently re-use aluminium rejects deriving from our production alone.


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