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The considerable amount of thermal energy needed for the melting of the metal are formed by the combustion of methane. The motive force, indispensable, to move the presses that shape the metal is given off by powerful hydraulic motors powered by electricity. Also, thanks to electricity can operate all machinery acts for subsequent processing of aluminum.

Since 09/29/16 our company is increasingly GREEN thanks to the start of the '300 kWp photovoltaic system that should lead to a significant fuel savings resulting from the use of renewable energy sources.
A good indicator is the energy conversion factor for primary energy [TOE / MWh]. This coefficient identifies T.O.E. (Tons of oil equivalent) necessary for the realization of 1 MWh of energy, namely the TEP save with the adoption of photovoltaic technologies for the production of electrical energy.
Factor in primary energy conversion of electrical energy [TOE / MWh] 0187
TOE save in a year 71.10
TOE saved in 20 years 1 306.78
Data Source: Resolution EEN 3/08, art. 2

At 30/06/2023 we have produced over 2.100.000 kWh by green energy!!!

Our company is situated inside of the application of Decree 102/14 (company with high energy-consuming listed in the annual list set up by the Equalisation Fund for the electricity sector under the inter-ministerial decree on Apr. 5, 2013) and in 2015 and 2019 we have done an energy audit that will allow our organization to identify, and possibly improving, the shortcomings of its energy system.
So at the beginning of 2020 we have istalled a new machine "E POWER" to clean the incoming energy in our factory. We expect to saving more than 4% of carbone dioxide emission.
Not only the production produces ENVIRONMENTAL impacts, also related operations can have significant relationships with the environment. Transports for example, they are a source of pollution due to the use of fossil fuels. Also on this sectorPRESSO FONDERIE decided to operate in favor of the environment through a careful planning of the routes to be served by its own means, so as to optimize to the maximum displacements by reducing the consumption of fuel.

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