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Services PRESSO FONDERIE takes over the management of the die owned by the customer for its whole useful life.

PRESSO FONDERIE takes over the management of the die cast mould owned of the customer for its whole useful life.

PRESSO FONDERIE carries out the routine maintenance of the customer’s dies according to the operations defined in the special procedures in which also the conditions of the product at the time of taking possession are recorded, including any damage or non conformities noted.
In the lack of definition of contractual requirements, the dies undergo the procedures for identification and control, storage and preservation defined for the products of our organisation.

The Foundry Manager takes care of identifying, storing and keeping the dies. He also notifies the Quality Manager of any faults, damage or non-conformity noted on the new arrived mould one or subsequently done.
For routine  maintenance of die cast mould PRESSO FONDERIE use its mechanical department. It is equipped with appropriate modern machinery for the routine maintenance of our customers’ dies.

In the event of the need for extraordinary operations, with the prior authorisation of the customer, PRESSO FONDERIE sends the mould to trusted specialists who will restore it.
During the periods in which the dies are not in use they are stored in the special area provided at the plant where they are suitably identified and accompanied by a sample of the piece they produce.

At the end of the moulds’s life PRESSO FONDERIE agrees with the customer for its dismantling. While waiting for the owner to collect it, the no longer usable mould is stored in the waste area outside the plant used and marked especially for this purpose.

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