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Company policy

PRESSO FONDERIE s.r.l. was founded in 1966 in the province of Siena. Over the years the business skills of the owners made it possible to expand our technological resources and consequently the production, reaching more than 5 million cast parts.
Company policy

Customer satisfaction and ongoing quality research have always been the two mainstays of the company policy of PRESSO FONDERIE.


The company mission is to fully satisfy the requirements of our customers in terms of quality, cost and service, supplying advanced products created using leading-edge technologies.


The Board of Directors, mindful of the direction undertaken, intends to continue on the path to quality, extending the concept to the production processes and their effects on the environment. To do this, PRESSO FONDERIE obtained certification according to the international UNI EN ISO Std. 9001 and UNI EN ISO Std. 14001 in 2005 and adhered to the Community Regulation CE 761/2001 EMAS in 2006 and obtained certification according to the international BS OHSAS 18001 in 2008 (ISO 45001 from 2020) to ratify a course of continual improvement of its environmental performance. This approach can only take the form of a management oriented to sustainable development of the business that the Board of Directors considers to be one of the many challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises are confronted today in the global market.
This means improving the productivity and profitability of the company by reducing its environmental impact, improving energy efficiency, rationalizing the consumption of materials and providing its employees and to all stakeholders respect and improving the conditions of their health and safety at work .


Pian dell'Olmino 49, Colle Val d'Elsa (Si)
Tel. 0577 929127  Fax 0577 928260 E-mail
Cod. Fisc. e P. Iva IT 00352490528 - Numero R.E.A. 76989
Export SI 006403 - Registro Imprese di Siena n. 00352490528
Capitale Sociale € 51.480 i.v.
Certificazioni ISO 9001 e ISO 14001