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Research & Development

PRESSO FONDERIE (together with the leader Cassioli and other important technical-scientific realities of the Tuscany) in the last three years has collaborated in the realization of the research project "MAG-IA" which aims to adapt its warehouse standards to the new industry philosophy 4.0.

PRESSO FONDERIE, with the collaboration of Gesco, through the study of the energetic balance in the various machining processes has set the objective of developing a process that makes it possible to improve the company’s energy efficiency and productivity. Sustainable management and energy rationalisation are today the crucial challenge for small and medium-sized businesses competing in an increasingly globalised and competitive market. The widespread use of “clean” technologies in similar industrial realities would trigger a positive benefit multiplying effect: improved load distribution; reduction of the number of electricity transformer cabins (thereby a reduction of electromagnetic pollution); optimisation of energy exploitation; reduction of costs. In addition, the use of a lower temperature than the present one in melting furnaces could break new ground in the field of aluminium machining due to the treatment of new intermediate states of the material (semi-solids). Analysis of the company’s energy balance will clarify the opportunities for improvement of the production processes. The implementation of an in-house energy recovery system would make it possible to produce energy to be re-used within the company, improve flow management capabilities, reduce impacts and reduce costs.To achieve these objectives in 2019 PRESSO FONDERIE has elaborated the second Energy Diagnosis that will be followed by the new edition by 31/12/2023.




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