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fire protection and emergency response

The fire risk of PRESSO FONDERIE is classified MIDDLE as specified by the guidelines of the decree of 10 March 1998 (General requirements for fire safety and emergency management in the workplace).

The target of the assesment  was to find the measures that are strictly necessary to protect the safety of workers and other people in the workplace.

These measures include:
        risk prevention;
        information of workers and other persons present;
        training of workers engaged in fire-fighting services;
        technical and organizational measures designed to implement the necessary fire-fighting acts.

The fire risk assessment was carried out for every department trough:

    the type of activity;
    materials stored or handled;
    machinery in the workplace;
    design characteristics of the workplace;
    the size and articulation of the workplace;
    the number of people present, employees and potentially not employees, and their readiness to leave in case of emergency;
    the location of escape routes and emergency exits, the number of fire extinguishers and hydrants, the time needed for their start up, the capacity of water reserve and the proximity of the firefighter.

PRESSO FONDERIE has produced and constantly updates an Emergency Plan that provides a strong replay to various emergency situations (fire, earthquake, accident, etc.) and establishes clear and unambiguous roles and responsibilities for all the components of the emergency team.

PRESSO FONDERIE obtained and every three-year renewal the Fire Prevention Certificate (FPC) from the Fire Department of Siena at Protocol No. 12018 of october 2018 for the activities:

51 c "plants for the production of other metals; activities involving hot working of metals, more than 25 employees "

70 c "places good for deposit with the quantities of goods and combustible materials exceeding a total of 5000 kg with a gross floor area greater than 3000 mq"

74 c "installations for the production of heat that use solid fuels, liquid or gas with potential over 700 kw"


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