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Another crucial aspect in die-casting activities could be the consumption of water. The water used by PRESSO FONDERIE comes partly from the registered well and partly from the council waterworks.

The water flows in the press cooling circuit and in the pipes that serve the sanitary fixtures and the canteen. The annual consumption rates of the water used by PRESSO FONDERIE translate into values of around 4000 cu.m. split equally between the two different sources.

Of this quantity, a conspicuous part is recovered every day through the in-plant purification and cooling systems. In fact, 2 evaporators purifies the water used in the machinery subdividing it into two parts: clean water to be returned to the cycle and waste to be stored in a special tank for collection by an outside operator who will send it to treatment.

The purified water passes through a cooling tower, which, after treatment, will allow it to be re-used in the circuit. For the sanitary fixtures PRESSO FONDERIE is replacing the conventional tap fixtures with pushbutton types to avoid pointless waste.




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